Tortilla Baby Blanket & Hat

Tortilla Baby Blanket & Hat

Baby Tortilla Blanket & Hat
Tortilla Baby Blanket & Hat

Tortilla Baby Blanket & Hat

This tortilla kit wraps up your baby into an adorable little burrito!

Is Mexican food your favourite thing ever? Perhaps you have Mexican heritage, and love wearing Mexican national dress, and want your baby to do the same! Or maybe you’ve got a Mexican themed Halloween planned for your family, or a Mexican themed party to attend!

Finding Mexican outfits for the whole family is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, a moustache, sombrero, and poncho and Dad looks pretty Mexican, especially if he’s also holding a chihuahua and a pair of Maracas. And you can don a Mexican embroidered dress, plait your hair and draw on a mono-brow and pretend you’re Frida Kahlo. Bigger children can wear a donkey costume, or dress up in the ever-popular Taco Suit.

But it can be difficult to find hilarious, Mexican themed baby outfits! Until now! This cute littleTortilla Baby Blanket & Hat outfit makes your darling little infant look like everyone’s favourite Mexican food…..that’s right, the Burrito!!! Softer and warmer than the Taco, with all the juicy goodness of ground beef and salads, the Burrito is the perfect choice for your soft, warm little baby.

This adorable and funny little Tortilla Baby Blanket & Hat outfit includes a Tortilla-coloured baby wrap, perfect for very young babies, as it keeps your little darling warm and cosy, and snugly wrapped so they’ll feel secure, while also looking delicious! The outfit is topped off by a cute little cap, shaped like the twisty end of a Tortilla, and matching the blanket perfectly. Add a green onesie, and your little munchkin will look good enough to eat, and continue the family theme of Mexico and Mexican foods wonderfully.

Just grab a few sombreros, a taco suit, and some Mexican blanket ponchos for the rest of the family, and you’ll be the life of any party! And if an odd smell or noise comes out of your little Burrito at an embarrassing time, just laugh, and say it was the refried beans! If you really want to go all out, borrow a burro and make your costumes really authentic!

Just make sure you don’t put your baby down on the buffet, or she may get carried off by a hungry Mexican food lover, and watch our for dogs, they may get confused and try and have a taste! This is a very realistic costume! Perhaps you might like to make a little sign for baby to hold, saying ‘Not a Real  Burrito. I’m actually a Baby. Please don’t try to eat me.’ It would be terrible if someone made the mistake of thinking they were taking home a nice burrito, only to discover a crying, pooping, hungry baby instead. Terrible.

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