Butterfly Cape

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Butterfly Cape

It’s time to emerge from the cocoon of your life and metamorphose into a stunning butterfly. Or something like that. Whatever you’re coming from and wherever you’re going, do it clothed in Mother Nature’s most incredible beauty!

Available in 8 breathtaking designs and colours
Easy transformation into one of the wonders of the natural world
Clothe yourself with fluttering butterfly wings

Real life butterflies go through quite a lot in life before they reach the magnificent butterfly stage. They spend a good long while as little crawling caterpillars first, munching their way through astounding amounts of greenery. Then they retire into a cocoon to start the metamorphosis process. And then one day they suddenly emerge, magically transformed into one of nature’s most beautiful sights, fluttering around adding wonder and beauty to this world.

Human transformation to butterfly is, thankfully, a lot simpler. All you need is a strikingly designed cape to pull on, and the human butterfly will be ready for action! This wonderful piece of cloth is extremely versatile, so you can use it as a shawl, wrap, cape, poncho… as long as it’s over your arms somehow, you can spread those glorious wings and bring that natural beauty anywhere.

Available in 8 stunning colours, there is plenty of options to choose from when deciding what kind of butterfly you want to be. So if you’re heading to a fancy dress party, or a you’re a creative biology teacher, or you just like chilling about the house dressed in your fairy best, here’s Mother Nature’s touch to help you bring that little big of magic into the world around you.


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