Webbed Swimming Gloves


Webbed Swimming Gloves

Darkfin Gloves (Men's Medium Large)

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Webbed Swimming Gloves

Surfing is your life, and you take your surfing seriously.

For the past few year’s you’ve devoted every waking hour to being the best that you can be, but something is still missing. No matter how hard you try, your pathetically small hands make the paddle out difficult and slow, and larger handed surfers always beat you to the best breaks. You know, if you were gifted with longer digits, or broader palms, you could show them a thing or too! Yeah. Sure, you probably still wouldn’t be the best, but you’d like to at least have a try!

Introducing the Hand Flippers Webbed Swimimg Gloves by Mike’s Diving. Made with breathable and flexible neoprene, the same stuff wetsuits are constructed from, the Webbed Swimming Gloves will give you that competitive edge you’ve always dreamed of, but failed to achieve due to your freakishly small hands. Just slap these babies on, and you’ll really start to motor! Reach those dream breaks first, and see how well you really can stand up to the big guys.

You never know, these gloves might be just what you need to start winning some titles, and really making an impact on the circuit. Stop selling yourself short, and give yourself the best chance possible to make your dreams a reality.

The contoured latex webbing increases the surface area of your hand by up to 70%, giving an incredible swimming boost. Not only that, but the webbing isn’t rigid – so you can still use your fingers with the gloves on.

Available in six different sizes.

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