Visor Cleaner Gloves

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VISORCAT visor wash/wipe safety system

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Visor Cleaner Gloves

Motorbike riding hampered by the never-ending assault of rain, insects, and road spray attacking your visor? Strap one of these beauties onto your wrist and keep your visor stunningly clear in all weathers and circumstances – with just a simple swipe of the hand.

Tested and loved by professional riders
Wash or wipe your visor clean in a simple swipe
Improve visibility and safety when out on the road

Hitting the road on a roaring two-wheeler is an incredible feeling. Being exposed to the elements and feeling the wind ripping past gives that thrill and contact with the outdoors that a car just can?t compete with. But being exposed to the elements also means being exposed to raindrops and bugs, and when these small things are splattered and smeared across the visor of a helmet, riding can become difficult and dangerous.

visor cleaner gloves 2A quick wipe with the back of a glove sometimes helps, but usually just smears those unwanted droplets further across the screen. And as for bugs and insects that splat against the visor, well they can stick pretty persistently to the screen, it can be difficult to clean them off without stopping to give the visor a good wipe or even scrub.

Riding with a dirty visor and decreased visibility can be dangerous, but who wants to interrupt the ride every few minutes to stop by the side of the road, pull out some wipes and a bottle of cleaning liquid, and rub furiously at the visor? That sounds awfully limiting and frustrating, not to mention also potentially dangerous. Cars, of course, have their own windscreen wipers to deal with this problem. Motorcycle helmets, unbelievably, haven?t had any kind of similar cleaning system – until now. Enter, this clever device.

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This award-winning cleaner and wiper attaches over a glove and performs that crucial windscreen wiper function. Featuring a sponge, squeegee wipers and a little cylinder of cleaning fluid, it only takes a quick hand-swipe to thoroughly clean and clear the dirtiest visor of all grime. And what?s best, there is no need to stop the bike or dangerously scrub and smear away for ages – just swipe one way to wipe the visor clean with a fluid-infused sponge, and the other way the squeegee it dry and clear with the twin wiper blades.


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