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The Wet Brush Selfie Brush for iPhone 5/5s, Pink

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Selfie Brush

Too beautiful for your own good? Do you look amazingly photogenic even during the altering of your bed-head?

Fret not. Science has once again overcome the impossible and blown us away with this invention, which enables us to take selfies actually DURING the process of brushing our hair. Yes, what more could a girl possibly want?

Footsteps on the moon, the splitting of the atom, superfast internet straight to your phone – these are all very impressing things science has introduced to us. But the day the selfie brush was introduced, it’s safe to say: true progress has finally been made. Nothing has ever been created that provides such convenience of the upmost importance.

Get that perfect, drop dead gorgeous hair style as quick as a flash with the fabulous brush and instantly snaps a picture of the moment. Don’t waste any time getting the perfect shot – when it looks good, you need to be ready to start snapping! The magnificent style your pictures will show will make people ask what London hairdresser you have been attending.

This large paddle brush is impossible to loose in the busiest of bags. There is an opening at the top of the brush to SAFELY slip your iPhone into, and that’s you – ready for a good hair day and beautiful new Instagram selfie. No need to put the brush down and pick the iPhone up, this brush is beautiful multi-tasking material, no hassle involved. Upload now, and watch those precious likes pour in – everyone knows these mean so much in the real world!

Just to take note, do not use on wet hair. You’ll already be drowning your phone with your beauty- you don’t want to drown it with water too.

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