Latitude Longitude Pendant

latitude longitude pendant

Latitude Longitude Pendant
Remember your favorite place with this custom stamped pendant, featuring coordinates close to your heart.
Latitude Longitude Pendant

Latitude Longitude Pendant

Carry a reminder of the place that means the world to you with a unique necklace engraved with the geographical coordinates of that location. A stunning and meaningful gift that is sure to remain a treasured keepsake for the one who receives it.

Sterling silver pendant and chain
Personalise with the latitude and longitude for a place of your choice
Gorgeous hand-made design

Ever caught yourself staring at a map, or lost in thought remembering the events and memories associated with a certain special place? There is just something about the physical location where something exceedingly precious happened to you. Perhaps that place is somewhere you can’t frequently visit, but you wish you could keep it close to yourself anyway. Carry that precious place – and the priceless memories associated with it – always with you by wearing it around your neck.

Featuring a vintage compass on one side and the latitude and longitude of the location close to your heart on the other, this silver necklace is a truly exquisite item of jewellery. It is true that what a person wears is a reflection of who that person is and the things they hold dear, and a reminder of an important place is a beautiful expression and memento of the life surrounding the wearer.

Comes with a gift box and silver polishing cloth.


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