Fish Bag

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Tinksky Fish-like Zipper Pouch Wallet Clutch Bag Weird Pen Pencil Case Carp Makeup Case Bag Pen Bag Pencil Case Holder

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Fish Bag

You’ll need no stories about the one that got away once you’ve got this beauty in your hands!

No need to step anywhere near water to get this beautiful fish
Perfect for pens, makeup, coins and other small items
Zipper opening keeps items securely inside the fish’s wee tum

Whether you’re a fisherman or fisherwoman or not, you have to admire the sleek and scaly aquatic creature that is the Fish. Featuring gills for the amazing feat of breathing underwater, scaly skin that keeps its insides snug and dry in nasty cold water, and fins and a powerful tail that jettison it out of harm’s way in the blink of an eye, the fish is a truly remarkable being.

What better way to celebrate and appreciate this underwater lifeform than getting your own specimen and allowing it to live in your room and look after your small but oh-so-important things? Here is fantastic carp that needs neither water nor food to keep it in good condition. So you can enjoy its awesomeness with no extra effort at all. It doesn’t even smell, so you can take it to the most exclusive social gatherings without being wreathed in that strong, unmistakably fishy odour. Clever clogs, that’s what this little carp is!

As well as generally being fishily awesome, this species has the added ability of being able to store a great many things inside itself, thanks to a neat little zip all along its curved and scaly belly. Pencils, coins, make-up, or anything else small can be stashed away in its polyester tummy.

fish bag 2

And unlike many bags and cases out there, this one is as intricately decorated on the inside as it is on the outside. Opening the zip allows a rather convincing look into the innards of fish, without, of course, facing real innards themselves…

Perfect for fisherfolk, nature enthusiasts, fish lovers, biologists, and anyone with a love for the amusing and magnificent.


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