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Upscaled Lego Mug

Lego Upscaled Mug red side

Lego Upscaled Mug -RED

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Upscaled Lego Mug

Bring the amazing world of tiny bricks into full-sized glory! Now you can finally experience life as the little square LEGO figures do.

Perfectly enlarged LEGO drinking cup
Amazingly realistic
For all your plastic mug needs

Sometimes in life, you just need a plastic mug. What if you?re travelling, or camping, or just prone to dropping things? Sorry to say this to all the fancy-schmancy china teacups out there, but there just are some situations where a good old plastic mug is really what?s needed.

Similarly, sometimes in life you just need some Lego. There?s nothing quite as satisfying and therapeutic and creative as the stacking tiny bricks on top of each other.

And while that world of bricks used to be solely the domain of tiny thumb-sized figures with yellow cylindrical heads, mankind has advanced leaps and bounds into the future and today even full-sized humans can enjoy all those fabulous brick items in their day-to-day lives.

So fulfil both of these basic life needs in one fell swoop with an ingenious, upscaled version of the classic Lego mug. Looking exactly like the original, this full-size version is just waiting to enrich your life with it?s happy, colourful chunkiness. Just look at that handle!

After all the times you?ve seen tiny square figures gripping it in clamp-like yellow fists, the experience is finally possible for you too.


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Last update was on: 20 May 2022 19:40

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