Soot Sprite Pillow

susuwatari soot sprite pillow

Little Susuwatari Pillow
LITTLE susuwatari! Soft and funny 🙂
£ 32.29
Soot Sprite Pillow

Soot Sprite Pillow

Let’s be real here: ever since you saw these fuzzy, goggly-eyed fluffballs scurrying around the animated worlds of Totoro and Spirited Away, you wanted one for yourself.  And here, staring you in the face, is your chance.

Hand-made fuzzy pillow
Soft and oh-so-fluffy
Looks just like a living ball of soot ought to look

Susuwatari. Soot gremlin. Dust bunny. Makkuro kurosuke. Soot sprite… that’s a  lot of names for  a little character that is literally just a black fluffball with eyes. But then, maybe this little fluffball deserves many names because really, it is anything but ordinary. Just look at those wide eyes boring deep into the soul.  How can anything be so heart-achingly fuzzy and cute?

First appearing in Hayao Miyazaki’s famous film “My Neighbour Totoro” and then reappearing with a vengeance in his later, equally celebrated  work “Spirited Away”, Soot Sprites are some of Studio Ghibli’s most intriguing creatures. Most of the time they glide silently along like some kind of mini, hairy hovercraft. At other times they sprout small, spindly limbs and scuttle about in a hoard along the floor, squeaking and murmuring in excitement.

These wee guys are so cute and cuddly and warm and fuzzy that we completely understand if you really really want one this instant  to cuddle. Which is exactly what you can do if you get your hands on a Soot Sprite pillow. This gloriously enlarged version of the scuttling, squeaking creature is just the thing for a comforting, fuzzy hug, and it’s looking for a home right now.

What’s more, this fabulous, hand-made pillow version comes with the added bonus that no matter how hard this hairy delight is hugged and squeezed, it won’t crumble or dissolve into a sad pile of crushed soot on the floor. So you can rest assured that this soot sprite’s cuteness is here to stay.


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