Road Play Tape

road play tape

Road Play Tape

Easy stick
Easy tear, no scissors required
Easy to remove from household surfaces

Lay down a road wherever you want it, and create your own worlds with a simple roll of tape.

It’s no secret among parents that the price of some of the child’s toys you see nowadays is bordering on the ridiculous. Do yourself a favour and swap out the expensive, hi-tech, fancy playthings that all children these days seem to desire for a simple and cheap alternative that we all wish had been around when we were kids: Road Play Tape.

Its simply a roll of tape, that looks like a road, which your child can plaster around the house over any desired surface. This tape is sure to drive you up the wall, while simultaneously giving your child hours of fun as they zoom their toy cars over the ‘track’, however don’t fret as the tape is extremely easy to remove from surfaces, and leaves no sticky residue!

And as road play tape is easily ripped off, you don’t even have to worry about them injuring themselves with the scissors; leaving you free to gear down and relax while they shift into imagination mode and enjoy hours of fun! Yes, this really is the perfect toy for kids!

*Or maybe you’re not a child although you still enjoy zooming your toy cars over imaginary race-tracks built from a roll of tape; and if so, who are we to judge?

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