pokemon eye test chart large

Pokemon Eye Chart

Pokémon Eye Chart

On a scale from 1 to Pikachu, how cute is this chart? Test your eyes while admiring a whole line-up of Pokemon evolving happily on the wall.

Starring your favourite Pocket Monsters
Unique, handmade poster with customization available
Choose from several different sizes to suit your wall space

So you’re an avid Pokémon trainer out on a mission to catch ‘em all. Well, here’s a question for you: can you actually see the Pokémon you’re chasing after? Can you tell if  that little critter in the distance is the long-coveted Ponyta – or is it yet another Caterpie? Is that huge blob over there a mountain, or is actually a sleeping Snorlax? Can you distinguish if that yellow animal in the bush is a lower level Pikachu, or an evolved – and more dangerous –  Raichu?

These are important time and life-saving questions for a Pokémon trainer. If you’re finding that your surroundings are becoming blurry and you can’t tell your Pidgeys from your Growlithes anymore, it’s probably time to get your eyes tested.

And what better way to test your eyes than with a charming Pokémon eye chart? Featuring an array of Pokémon in various stages of evolution, this poster will test your eyes in the cutest way possible. And even if you have pristine 20/20 vision, the chart will test your brain skills at distinguishing small, pixelated monsters at a distance. So whether you are a new trainer just starting your journey, or a veteran well on the way to catching ‘em all, prepare yourself for your next Pokémon adventure with this fantastic eye chart .

The gorgeous poster is printed with high-quality fade-resistant ink, is available in several sizes, and includes free customization.

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