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Mystical Fire - Set of 5 Sachets

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Mystical Fire Dust

Are you planning a trip to the deepest wilds of the unexplored jungle, where you may encounter savage, uncivilised cannibal tribes? Perhaps you’re venturing on a space ship to unexplored planets where tribes of sexy, under dressed alien women are awaiting your white imperialist male gaze. Make sure you are properly prepared for every eventuality!

Sure, you have colourful beads, some pretty ribbons and plenty of alcohol to ply the natives with, but what if their local shaman/witchdoctor takes a dislike to you? You could find yourself at a traditional campfire sorcery battle, with your life on the line, and no tricks up your sleeve to dazzle the natives with.

Presenting Mystical Fire! Don’t worry about sneaking around trying to discover the shaman’s cache of ‘Special dirt’ or ‘crumbled glow worms.’ Too Rich have your mystical fire needs covered, with these Mystical Fire packets. Just toss one or two on the fire, and hey presto! Your ‘powerful magics’ have changed the colour of the fire, from normal yellow, to extremely magical shades of red, blue and green. You’ll have the local witch doctor cowering in shame, and if you press your advantage you can force them to leave, and take their place.

Now just sit back and enjoy the attentions of the superstitious native females of whichever jungle/planet you’ve stumbled in to. If their attention starts to wander, or they tire of massaging your smelly, hairy feet, just toss a few more Mystical Fire packages into the fire, and grab their attention again!

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