Hoodie Pillow Case

Hoodie Pillow

HoodiePillow® - Hooded Pillowcase
Ultimate Cocoonification™. Ships from USA to UK.
Hoodie Pillow Case

Hoodie Pillow Case

Snuggies are such a great invention! Soft, warm, comfy and fashionable, you can snuggle up in style and keep warm all winter. If only there was a snuggie for your pillow!

Pillowcases have stayed the same for years; just boring cotton envelopes designed to hold pillows. But what if your pillowcase had added functions? What if your pillowcase evolved to do more than one job??

Introducing the Hoodie Pillow Case!

The top of the pillowcase boasts a comfortable fleecy hood, complete with drawstrings to shut out light, give your significant other the message that you’re just ‘not in the mood,’ or just keep your ears warm. There is even a little gap in the pillowcase to allow you to put your headphones through, meaning you can listen to music while you drift gently (and warmly!) off to sleep. To keep your phone or MP3 player safe and sound, there’s a useful, fully lined pocket.

Perfect as a gift for the person who has everything, or just a present to spoil yourself,  the clever design and soft, fluffy fleece construction of the Hoodie pillowcase, this is the pillowcase you never knew you wanted, and won’t be able to live without.

Of course, if for some strange reason you don’t actually want to sleep inside a hood, you can simply turn the pillow over… and use the other, ‘normal’ side of the pillow!


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