Grown Your Own Fuel Cell Kit

grow your own fuel cell kit

MudWatt - Clean Energy From Mud - Grow Your Own Living Fuel Cell

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Grown Your Own Fuel Cell Kit

Ever wondered how to enhance your child’s experience when engaging in science projects? The same old lemon battery can be a tad boring, not to mention everyone else may be doing it. MudWatt’s Grow Your Own Fuel Cell Kit is the perfect way to add flavour to a STEM project.

Comes with a MudWatt Explore App to track growth of bacteria
Includes a comic book to keep kids occupied
LED blinker board to test power

The kit lets kids generate energy from mud by growing organisms using different soils. It’s the solution you need to get your kid interested in science. This MudWatt kit is one way to teach kids about the sources of renewable energy and how to make the most of living things. Yes, not an easy topic for children to grasp. However, the kit is structured in such a fun way that it makes learning less complicated and acts as a great visual aid.
Children can dig around for different types of soils and see how each one performs. Alternatively, you can let kids build their own kits by following the illustrations in the manual that come with the package. What kid doesn’t like playing around in the mud, especially with permission?


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