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Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

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17Tek Golden Ball Angel Wing Hand Spinners Fidget Toy (Gen 1)

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£12.74 £14.99

Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

What better item to focus the mind, keep restless fingers happy, and relieve boredom than a magical and softly whirring Golden Snitch? Initially created to take the place of the living Golden Snidget bird used in early Quidditch matches, this enchanted ball has now been further developed into a very awesome fidget spinner.

Perfectly balanced for the optimum spin
Gorgeous Golden Snitch design
May inspire spontaneous Quidditch games

The Golden Snitch is a magical flying ball, the smallest used in the wonderful wizarding game of Quidditch. Catching this tiny, whirring sphere requires insane skill from a broomstick-riding Seeker. But once caught the rewards are huge… an astounding 150 points for the Seeker’s team. No wonder so many people want to get their hands on this elusive winged ball!

Now some genius has combined the captivating Snitch with the popular fidget spinner for the ultimate fidget toy! With beautifully moulded silvery wings on a smooth, rounded golden body, this little sphere is perfectly balanced, with concave bearing caps and beveled edges. All this little beauty needs to get it going is a little spin and the wings will whir around for ages in a mesmerising and shimmering circle. It can be held in the hand, or set to spin on a solid surface. The effect is pretty stunning, and you’ll be left wondering whether this really is just a Muggle spinner or a real, enchanted Snitch from the wizarding world…

For anyone who needs something in their hands to toy with, or who loves the incredible world of Harry Potter, here is a spellbinding fidget spinner that is an absolute delight for the eyes and mind. And if you really, really love the Golden Snitch, you can also get it in necklace form!


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