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Wine Opoly Board Game

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Every Christmas someone brings out the Monopoly board. You get ready to settle into a long game of property buying, and think there must be something better. Well, now you can replace your normal Monopoly with Wineopoly, the game where instead of buying property you buy wine, and trade in not for hotels but for decanters.

Instead of train stations, you can acquire Wine nations; France, America, Australia, and Italy.
Don’t go to jail, go to the Wine Cellar.
Don’t pass go, pass ‘Cheers!’

This variation on monopoly is the game you know, with the drink you love. Not only do you play to beat your opponents, but on the back of every deed is information and facts about that wine, so you can learn whilst you play.

wineopoly board game top view

Choose from new tokens: Wine bottle, Wine Glass, Grapes, Cheese, a Cork, or a carafe. And beware of import taxes and make sure to avoid any serving faux pas.

This is a great addition to your board game collection, and sure to get the party started. Crack open some wine and cheese of your own and settle in for a game of Wineopoly. A fantastic gift for your wine loving friends and family.

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