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Cheatwell Games Plop Trumps

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Plop Trumps

Now all of your poo related questions can be answered, with the fun and informative ‘Plop Trumps’; an interesting twist on the original ‘Top Trumps’ playing cards game.

From tigers to iguanas, this game has it all, with players battling it out over various categories such as frequency, smelliness, width, length, hardness, and yuck factor. Now you will know who has the smellier dung; the tiger or the alpaca, and you will also know which turd is the longest between the iguana and the zebra; questions which most of us would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit we had pondered at one point in our lifetime.

Find out these answers and many more, by playing a game that would make even the most experienced toilet plunger feel nauseated!

Each card is beautifully laid out, with a detailed and disgusting snapshot of the dung in question taking up a lot of the card, and statistics backing up its disgustingness laid out beneath the picture. It is important to point out that there is no offensive language anywhere on the cards, so the game is perfect for a bit of (albeit nauseating) family fun.


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