inflatable pub

Inflatable Pub
Set up your own pub in a matter of minutes.
Inflatable Pub

Inflatable Pub

Ever needed to quickly set up a pub?

Want something different for a wedding reception? Need a controlled environment to serve alcoholic beverages from? Why not own a pub just like you’ve always dreamed of doing.  Set it up in your garden, driveway, campsite… wherever space permits. This inflatable pub brings that cozy British pub atmosphere anywhere you can fit it.

Set it up in minutes on any flat surface, be it solid pavement or soft grass. There is no clunky framework holding this thing together – just a well designed shape kept up by air!

Obviously being the size that it is, this pub is not something you want to inflate by sheer manpower. Thus the kit includes an electric air blower fan pump to do this job for you! Once inflated, use the provided pegs to secure the pub to the ground. Measuring 3.1m by 3.9m inside at full size, there is ample room inside for a bar and several tables and/or chairs. It’s your pub, be creative – why not create a beer garden outside? Topped off with a chimney on the roof and personalised branding options of your choice, this pub will look great no matter where you put it.

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