Gandalf Pipe

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Sir William W. 18 inch Long Wizard Pipe with cloth pouch

Just imagine yourself blowing smoke rings like a wizard with this stunning pipe ! MADE IN THE U.S.A. FROM 100% AMERICAN WOOD !! Be sure to check out Sir William W. Pipes on ...
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Gandalf Pipe

Whether you actually smoke or not, take a break from whatever current quest you’re on and let your mind wander to the legendary lands of Middle Earth! Just pick up this stunning pipe and blow smoke rings – real or imaginary – like a wizard.

Handcrafted ash wood pipe
Comes with matching cloth pipe pouch
The last of the Longbottom Leaf not included

Imagine sitting by a crackling fire and reflecting on your adventures in the realms of hobbits, dwarves and elves while smoking a long and beautiful pipe. Contemplating that time you stood on a dodgy carved stone bridge and yelled “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” at that pesky but pretty terrifying Balrog. Stopping every now and then in the middle or your ponderings to blow smoke rings – or even magical smoke ships – that waft around in space for an ethereal moment before dissolving forever into the darkness. Sounds magical, right?

But isn’t it only wizards and halflings who get to have such enviable experiences? Not so! This, my dear hobbits – er, friends – is a delightful, Gandalf-worthy pipe that has been handcrafted from the finest ash wood to provide you with that satisfying joy of puffing away at a good, old-fashioned pipe. Sadly it doesn’t come with any Longbottom Leaf (quite difficult to find outside of the Shire, so it is), but that won’t prevent any Middle Earth lovers from using their imaginations to produce the most fantastical smoke creations.

With a gracefully long handle, this pipe can be held in the hand quite far away from the mouth and still give a good puff, just like Mithrandir’s elegant version in the stunning film adaptations of the Lord of the Rings. So whether you’re looking for a pipe to smoke, display, or use for dressing up as everyone’s favourite Grey Wizard, and whether you are gathering your own rag tag Fellowship to save the world or you’re simple heading to a bench under a tree to sit and contemplate life, here is your necessary accessory for your next adventure.

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