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Sloth Wisdom (mini book)

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Book of Sloth Wisdom

In this world of rush rush and go go, it’s time to hear words of wisdom from nature’s contended gurus of rest, relaxation, and just plain hanging out.

80 pages of adorable wisdom
Gold-plated ribbon bookmark charm included
Quotes from sages throughout the ages

Ignorant people poke fun of our sloth friends, calling them such unfair names as “lazy” and the like. Yet these chill, furry creatures are the real winners in life, just like the humble turtle who was made fun of by the hare but won the race in the end. Victory belongs to the easy-going and chilled!

All those busybodies who are eternally rushing from place to place and from one frantic activity to another look upon rest as a thing of weakness and laziness. Sleep is for the weak! Success depends on the thousands of things achieved! And they pooh-pooh those little moments of reflection, daydream, and resting of the spirit and soul.

And yet, as Mahatma Gandhi said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed”. We’re not robots, and the human brain and body needs time to switch off, zone out, and just breathe for a while. Just what exactly do all those busybodies ever actually achieve? Not all success is measured by increasing numbers of things done – some of the happiest and most content people out there have achieved a state of inner peace and satisfaction through reflection and plenty of  “me” time. Such moments of rest and chilling out are vital to the human mind and body. And often they lead to the most amazing ideas, inspirations, and revelations to have come from humankind.

These furry creatures are clearly listening to the right sages in this age of rushing and stress, and helpfully they’ve gathered a whole book of the advice that their ideology and worldview stems from, so we can take part in it too! Featuring quotes from some pretty famous and fabulous people, including Mahatma Gandhi, Shakespeare and Maya Angelou, the book is also full of illustrations of relaxed mammals cute and chill enough to put the most restless heart into a state of warm, restful fuzziness.

We’re looking at the cover, featuring a little sloth guy just having an utterly blissful nap, with his long furry limbs hanging happily from the branch and his little sloth face utterly content in his full-scale napping bliss, and we’re already feeling our stress and worries melting away. We’re also already dropping our work and looking for our own tree branches to go hang from, but perhaps we’ll have to stick with the couch instead…


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"slowly, Slowly, Slowly," Said the Sloth
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