Batsignal Batman Torch

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DC Comics Build Your Own Batmobile

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Batsignal Batman Torch

There’s trouble brewing. But you’re nowhere near that Bat Signal projector at Gotham City Police Department. How do you summon the courageous and justice-dealing Batman to the rescue? With a handy dandy pocket Batsignal torch, of course. Duh!

Pocket sized projector torch
Key ring attachment and batteries included
Shine that iconic bat logo anywhere

One of the most popular comic book and superhero characters of all time, Batman is always ready to answer the call of duty and put a stop to all evil schemes. He does sometimes need to be alerted to criminal activity, though – he is super powerful, but he still doesn’t know absolutely everything.

And that is why Gotham City Police Department have the ingenious device that is so well-known and loved across the Batman fandom. Yes! The modified searchlight that powerfully beams out a huge backlit bat silhouette into even the darkest of nights, letting Batman know that he is needed. As soon as the iconic bat logo looms above the city, everyone knows that something is afoot, but never fear! Justice will reign! Evil will cower! Batman will set things right!

The Bat Signal, however, remains mostly in the hands of the Gotham City police. Which isn’t very helpful for your average lowly citizen. But law-abiding citizens of Gotham City (and elsewhere!) can rejoice, because they can now get their hands on their own mini Bat Signal and use it wherever and whenever they want!

That’s right, this nifty little torch projects that same Bat signal, without the need for any big and fancy spotlight equipment. Pocket sized and featuring a key ring attachment, this mini Bat signal project is battery powered and can thus carry out its duties anywhere. Batman fans will need zero convincing that here is a vital and clever piece of Bat gadgetry…

If you’re building up your own Bat inventory, we recommend completing your alter-ego kit with a serious Batman compression shirt, worthy of Batman’s impressively muscly figure. Or putting that billowing black cape to use protecting citizens from nasty rain. You can even seat your little human in a Batman car seat for fun (and safety) on the road. And if that’s not enough Batman march for the devoted Bat fan, you can even drink your tea out of a caped mug!


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