Smartphone Controlled Flying Bird


bionicbird Smartphone Controlled Flying Bird

Bionicbird The Smartphone Controllable Flying Bird

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Smartphone Controlled Flying Bird

Have you ever wished you could be a bird? Flying around, free in the sky? With this Smartphone Controlled Flying Bird you can get pretty close to feeling like a bird, with a bit of imagination and an Apple or Android device.

Control from most Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.
Nature friendly drone that doesn’t scare the birds.
The body is virtually indestructible and the flexible wings absorb shocks.

Drones are fairly commonplace, but with the Smartphone Controlled Flying Bird, you are put in control of a realistic flying bird – with flapping wings and everything! If you are looking for a different flying experience this is a pretty cool one. In fact, even other birds and cats can’t tell it’s not real.

The bird charges on a portable egg, which it sits on top of, magnetically, and charges in less than 12 minutes, and with a 100m range you can really feel like you are controlling a bird of the sky.
This is a fantastic gift for the flying enthusiast in your family, who is looking for something different to fly. This little bird offers a very different experience to any other drone or remote controlled plane, and is a whole lot of fun.


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Last update was on: 4 April 2020 02:04
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