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Lego Head Storage Containers


Lego Head Storage containers

Storage Head Large Boy

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Lego Storage Head Large Girl

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Lego Head Storage Containers

Iconic Lego storage containers that help keep your life in order.

Is your house a mess? Does the Lego end up scattered along the floor, carefully waiting for you to stand on it in the middle of the night? Do toys find themselves left haphazardly around the house? If you answered yes to any of these questions… you need a Lego head storage container!

Our favourite Danish toy makers have finally realised that we need somewhere to actually store all the stuff they just can’t stop selling to us. In the end, all Lego sets will at one point find themselves in the ‘pile’, waiting to be a part of their owner’s next creation. And this pile is the exact point at which Lego becomes a messy affair – a constant annoyance to parents, who now have to decide whether the perpetual mess is worth the creativity and independence these toys apparently introduce to their kids. This is where Lego head storage comes in – it helps you manage the mess and mayhem. Keep Lego in Lego – exactly where it should be.

Although they are designed for Lego, these storage heads will hold just about anything. The 3 layers in the head help you separate your important stuff the way it should be kept. A handy carry handle on the top of the dome provides easy carrying. Topping it off is the iconic Lego bump at the top of the head; the seal of authenticity to this great storage solution that your kids will love.

At the end of the day, if storing your household’s Lego in one of these head storage containers saves you from standing on Lego even just one time, I think we can all agree that this was worth the money. We’ve all been there, it hurts… a lot… and no one would ever want to experience it again! Stay safe out there!


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