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Colour-in Duvet Cover


colour in duvet cover

Doodle cotton duvet cover to personalise, with wash-out pens - size SINGLE

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Last update was on: 2 April 2020 13:14
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Colour-in Duvet Cover

Safe vandalism! Not only can kids use their own duvet to express their artistic side, it also feels a bit wrong – which of course makes it all the more fun! This duvet cover looks like a sheet of writing paper, complete with margin and hole punch ‘holes’ on the side, making it ideal for doodles, drawings, and text.

If your kids have a vandalism problem, use this duvet to  curb it – teach them that certain things are fine, as long as it’s kept under control! The Colour-in Duvet Cover comes equipped with 10 special colouring in pens designed specially for this duvet.

The best bit is that this duvet is not single use – give it a wash at 40° to erase the whole thing and start again!

For a complete set, you might also want to check out the Colour-in Pillowcase. And if you’re going to do that,  you might as well colour in your walls too, with Colour-in Wallpaper.


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Last update was on: 2 April 2020 13:14
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