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Smartphone Controlled Flying Bird

  • Smartphone Controlled Flying Bird

    A truly unique, truly cool, truly fun flying experience. Control this little, realistic flying bird from your smartphone or device.

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    Grown Your Own Fuel Cell Kit

  • Grown Your Own Fuel Cell Kit

    Turn STEM projects into fascinating adventures for children with this kit, which is easy to use and extremely safe.

    Soot Sprite Pillow

  • Soot Sprite Pillow

    Life could not offer you a more goggly-eyed and unbelievably cute fuzzball than your very own Soot Sprite soft fluffy pillow.

    Personalised Santa Sack

  • Personalised Santa Sack

    Get ready for the season of plentiful presents with a personalised sack just waiting to be filled with exciting presents.

    Pokémon Eye Chart

  • Pokémon Eye Chart

    Test and train up your eyes for pixelated Pokémon chasing with an appropriate and adorable eye chart.

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    Transform your space into a CSI-worthy crime scene by plastering walls and objects with a roll of heavy-duty, realistic warning tape.

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    Pumpkin Carving Kit

  • Pumpkin Carving Kit

    Do you like your pumpkins spooky or friendly? Whatever fantastic jack o'lantern designs you or the kids are brainstorming, do it the safe and easy way with this kit.

    Drumstick Pencils -20%

  • Drumstick Pencils

    Add some beats to your daily writing tasks with these multipurpose pencils. Just flip from one end to the other and you can change from mundane pencil to a pair of lively drumsticks ready for a dramatic drumroll.

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    Knitted Mermaid Blanket

  • Knitted Mermaid Blanket

    For those days when you want to stay warm and feel like a magical species of the sea. This warm blanket is a far more practical method of turning into mermaid than any dodgy spell or heartfelt wish.

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    Waterbear Soft Toy

  • Waterbear Soft Toy

    Meet the softer, cuter, and adorable version of the the indestructible Hypsibius dujardini - more commonly knows as the Water Bear.

    Road Play Tape

  • Road Play Tape

    Lay down a road wherever you want it, and create your own worlds with a simple roll of tape.

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    Star Wars Origami Book

  • Star Wars Origami Book

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, people used to fold uninteresting objects out of paper and call it ‘origami’. Now, you can build all of your favorite vehicles, droids, and characters from the Star Wars saga.

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