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Sprouting Bookmark


sprouting bookmark

SUCK UK Sprouting Leaf Bookmark - Pack of 3

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Sprouting Bookmark

These wee bookmarks spring into action when their book is opened, growing alongside your own knowledge.

Sprouting leaves unfurl when opening book
Contains 3 little green bookmarks
Keep your page or hold the book open

Avid readers and learners will know the remarkable value of the printed word. Reading expands the mind and increases understanding, and provides incredible worlds to become immersed in. Being well-read is the key to growing your knowledge, and these little bookmarks are the perfect reminders of the value of such activity.

Sow a little of the seeds of knowledge with these lovely bookmarks, which seem to physically sprout from the spine of an opened book. Nestling rather cutely into the spine of a book, the little shoots neatly mark their designated page. When the book is opened, the spring up and unfurl into beautiful fresh green leaves sprouting right from between the desired pages. They grow as your knowledge does as well. They also serve to hold books open to read, and will cheerfully slip into between the pages of old classics and modern texts alike.

Made from silicone, these little shoots come in packs of three so that the well-versed book lover can have several books on the go at the same time, or share the love of knowledge with others.


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Last update was on: 15 December 2018 08:38

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