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Sometimes there are times when a present is necessary, but we simply find nothing to give. But have you ever stopped to ponder how Nothing is actually the ultimate gift of all time?

Give the gift of utter minimalism
It really is the thought that counts
For the person who has Everything

Gift-giving can really put us in a bit of a pickle. And there’s always that one person who is just so difficult to buy presents for. Maybe they already have everything. Perhaps they want world peace for their birthday, or something else rather unattainable for the average mortal. Or maybe they’re one of those cantankerous individuals who can never be pleased, no matter what they receive. What should a conscientious and generous soul give in this situation?

The answer is simple. The answer is nothing.

Discover the superbly simple yet deep satisfaction packed into a sleek little ball of…. absolutely nothing. Words cannot describe the state of calm and peace that ensues from opening a package of nothing. Of letting nothing flow over your mind and soul and into every atom of your being. Of pondering the deep meaning of absolutely nothing. Of subtly being reminded to declutter our lives and find the deep hidden fulfilment of a minimalistic and content life. Of coming to the profound conclusion that nothing is better than something.

And this nothing is even nicely packaged so that you can actually wrap it up in some fancy wrapping paper and deliver it as a real present! A tangible nothing that can be held in the hand: giving nothing has never been so convenient. In fact, the more you think about it, the more giving nothing just makes absolutely perfect sense.


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Last update was on: 11 March 2019 01:38

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