Giant Soy Sauce Fish Shaped Water Bottle


Giant Soy Sauce Buy Giant Fish Shaped Water Bottle

Giant Soy Sauce Fish Shaped 500ml Water Bottle

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Giant Soy Sauce Fish Shaped Water Bottle

Anyone who’s ever bought sushi will recognise this iconic soy sauce bottle.

Although it looks just like the ones you normally get along with your favourite Japanese food, this one is slightly different – it’s huge! In fact, this bottle holds an incredible 500ml – that’s almost a whole pint. Isn’t that a bit OTT for soy sauce? Well, this doesn’t actually come with any soy sauce in it – the contents of the container are entirely up to you.

Strictly speaking this Giant Soy Sauce Fish Shaped Water Bottle is designed to be a thirst-quenching water H2O dispenser. That’s why it even comes with a handy carry strap, so you can hang this baby from your neck when you’re out and about for instant and trendy hydration.

If you’re worried about the funky fish shape of this bottle being a hindrance, fret not – despite its curvy, fishy figure, the designers of this bottle have also taken practicality into consideration. This bottle is actually flat at the bottom, and it can thus stand completely by itself. Marvellous.

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