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Christmas Pudding Bin Bags


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Suck UK Christmas Pud Happy Sack Bin Bags

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Christmas Pudding Bin Bags

If you love Christmas, you’re going to love these bin bags!

While decorating your house for Christmas it’s easy to miss little details, like rubbish bins and pavements, while you focus on the ‘big picture’ things like flashy lights, and giant inflatable Santas. But if you’re really serious about Christmas, like, really, really serious about Christmas, you can’t ignore these small details. A Christmas Pudding Bin Bag might be the only difference between you & Mrs Jones down the street winning the Christmas Lights Extravaganza for the tenth year in a row. That trophy should be yours!! Make sure you really make a good impression when the judges rock around; a wreath on the postbox, Christmas Pudding Bin Bags, and reindeer footprints on the pavement.

christmas pudding bin bags fireside

These excitingly Christmas flavoured bin bags are nice and big, to fit all that wrapping paper, left over food you’re too lazy to give to the homeless, and broken toys. They are also fully biodegradable, so you can out-smug those hippy greenie neighbours who don’t even have Christmas lights because they kill the whales or something.

christmas pudding bin bags near bins

A convenient pack of twelve means you will have just enough for all 12 days of Christmas, and none left over, so you won’t have the problem of an awkward Christmassy bin bag at New Year’s when everyone else has normal bin bags and the rest of the world has gotten on with life and forgotten Christmas ever existed. No-one wants to be that guy.

If you don’t want to waste these masterpieces by filling them with rubbish, you can always use them for better purposes – use them as a Santa Sack or laundry bag instead!


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56
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