Baked Beans Jigsaw


Baked Beans Jigsaw Puzzle

B. V. Leisure Impossipuzzle Beans (550 Pieces)

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Baked Beans Jigsaw

Who spilt the beans? With the Baked Beans Jigsaw Puzzle, it’s not a matter of cleaning up the mess, but of making one—and having a ton of fun doing it! By putting together this 100-piece puzzle, you’ll have created a puddle of tinned beans and sauce right on the table. In fact, it looks so real, don’t be surprised if Mum swoops down with a damp cloth and tries to wipe it all up! Just try not to yell when she undoes all your progress.

And if 100 pieces don’t sound so difficult, you’ve got another thing coming. You’ll be at wit’s end before you’ve got this puzzle together. You’ll have stomach pains, loss of appetite, a distended abdomen … or maybe that’s just gas.

Not your traditional rectangular puzzle, this design features rounded edges that give the completed puzzle a trompe-l’oeil effect. So the old-standby tactic of putting the edges together first won’t necessarily be so quick and easy! But the fun isn’t over once the puzzle is assembled. Set it on the floor in the kitchen—especially during a party or get-together—and watch the action.

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