6 Person Sharing Christmas Cracker


6 Person Sharing Christmas Cracker

Talking Tables Gold 6 Person Star Sharing Christmas Cracker

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6 Person Christmas Cracker

Make that Christmas cracker moment extra competitive by sharing one whopping cracker between a whole army of guests or family. That’s right – this beast of a star requires a team of six people to pull it apart! Or three people, for those extra greedy members of the family who like to use both hands to get in on the action…

Designed for six people to pull at the same time
Stuffed with those all-important Christmassy knick-knacks
Ensure a cheesy joke and hat-filled Christmas

Christmas just isn’t quite right without the good ol’ Christmas cracker. Where would we be on Christmas day without that festive BANG followed by all kinds of intriguing party favours spilling all over the table? Imagine a Christmas without paper crowns or little plastic toys or cheesy Santa jokes… Ugh, what a lifeless, un-festive occasion that would be.

Assure a good dose of festive spirit – and hats – with a cracker guaranteed to bring the family together. This huge, six-pointed golden star is perfect for gathering everyone round for that exciting festive bang. The cracker includes a whole array of Christmas kit to make everyone jolly as jolly as can be, including paper hats, props, mini glittery stars, trivia, disguises, and of course the all-important Christmas cracker jokes.

The more the merrier, they say – and Christmas is all about being merry. So grab a shimmering, six-person cracker and get in on that festive spirit!


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56

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