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66 Unusual Advent Calendars for 2017

  • 66 Unusual Advent Calendars for 2017

    Forget chocolate advent calendars; things have moved a long way since they became the norm! Some of these modern calendars give you more than your parents ever got for all of Christmas.

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  • Wineopoly

    Buy wine, trade for decanters, collect grapes, learn about wine and beat your competitors. Wineopoly is Monopoly for Wine lovers.

    Powerbreather Snorkel

  • Powerbreather Snorkel

    The Powerbreather has a unique design that means water doesn’t get in, and separate breathing systems to provide oxygen-rich air.

    Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

  • Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

    Keep your gamer self clean and fresh with these appropriately themed and incredibly realistic soaps.

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    Camera Lens Mug

  • Camera Lens Mug

    Need a cuppa but don’t want to let go of that chunky beauty of a lens in your hands? Now you can have your cake and eat it too - with a camera lens shaped mug.

    6 Person Sharing Christmas Cracker

  • 6 Person Sharing Christmas Cracker

    How many people does it take to pull one Christmas cracker? Six! Because the more the merrier.

    Pokémon Eye Chart

  • Pokémon Eye Chart

    Test and train up your eyes for pixelated Pokémon chasing with an appropriate and adorable eye chart.

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    Transform your space into a CSI-worthy crime scene by plastering walls and objects with a roll of heavy-duty, realistic warning tape.

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    Pumpkin Carving Kit

  • Pumpkin Carving Kit

    Do you like your pumpkins spooky or friendly? Whatever fantastic jack o'lantern designs you or the kids are brainstorming, do it the safe and easy way with this kit.

    Radio Controlled Millennium Falcon Quadcopter

  • Radio Controlled Millennium Falcon Quadcopter

    Have you ever dreamed of strapping yourself in next to Chewbacca in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and tearing through hyper space? Well, now you can!

    Smart Skipping Rope

  • Smart Skipping Rope

    This smart rope keeps count so you don't have to. It also shows your progress right in front of you as you skip, and keeps track of how many calories you've burned.

    Portable Air Sofa

  • Portable Air Sofa

    Easy to carry, easy to inflate, and extremely comfortable. This nifty little sofa can even be carried by its own strap.

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