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‘Spirit of Sir Ernest Shackleton’ 21-Day Antarctic Adventure

spirit of shackleton adventure expedition ship

Spirit of Shackleton
This 21-day voyage illuminates Ernest Shackleton’s legend and recounts his courageous exploration of Antarctica. You’ll visit historical sites of past explorers, as well as Shackleton’s final resting place – the wildlife-rich island of South Georgia.
‘Spirit of Sir Ernest Shackleton’ 21-Day Antarctic Adventure

‘Spirit of Sir Ernest Shackleton’ 21-Day Antarctic Adventure

Sir Ernest Shackleton revolutionised our knowledge of the Antarctic, opening up this lost continent to our astonished eyes with his self-sacrificing and courageous journey through ice and blizzards and snow. Celebrate his heroic journey with this luxurious 21 day Antarctic adventure, and re-trace his steps, except in more comfort, with better food, and in the company of other rich people in the place of Shackleton’s sled dogs.

You’ll be travelling in suites or shared rooms, each with its own ensuite and ocean-facing porthole or window, ensuring you get to savour every moment of you Antarctic Experience.

shackleton adventure tour mapThis exclusive and highly sought after expedition departs only once each year, in January, and will include tour guides, Zodiac tours of ice-bergs, native flora and fauna, and quaint fishing villages. Your trip starts in scenic Ushuaia, no, I have no idea where that is either, but I’ll bet it’s cold. From your hotel in Ushuaia, you’ll merrily jaunt along to the Falkland Islands, meeting some of the hardy and rustic folk of that place. Perhaps you can try trading some colourful beads, or pirated copies of Game of Thrones, for some fresh fish and handcrafted goods!

From there the tour will take you to beautiful South Georgia, where you can respectfully lay a wreath of smoked herring on the grave of Shackleton himself, spending a few moments to ponder the irony of your own luxurious trek in the footsteps of his heroic exploration team. You’ll also get to explore some of the safer and more decorative parts of Antarctica, hob nobbing with seals and penguins by day, and returning to a tasty, well cooked meal on board the MS Expedition before retiring to your warm and comfy cabins in the evening.shackleton adventure tour antarctica

Well-trained team members will provide lectures and educational materials, as well as an expedition parka, Antarctic guide book, and waterproof boots provided you fit our size restrictions.

This is the perfect honeymoon for well-heeled newlyweds who want to demonstrate they are not shallow and unoriginal when it comes to holidays, retirees in search of adventure (but not too much adventure) or the eco-tourist who is more about the touring than the eco bit. Whales and seals mean ‘eco,’ right? Whatever your reasons for shelling out nearly 9 grand in UK currency for this ‘homage’ to the great explorer, we’re sure you’ll enjoy every moment of your trip with us! Relive Sir Ernest Shackleton’s dedication and leadership, only in supreme comfort and with no chance of danger whatsoever.

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