Journey to the North Pole

Journey to the North Pole

Journey to the North Pole
The ultimate polar voyage.
Journey to the North Pole

Journey to the North Pole

First conquered in 1908 by Dr. Frederick A. Cook (or in 1909 by Robert E. Peary, depending on who you believe), the North Pole remains to this day as one of the most isolated and least-visited places on earth –  albeit slightly more accessible than it was at the turn of the 20th century.

In recent times things have however gotten much easier for the inhabitants of our great planet, and nowadays anyone can visit Earth’s northern extremity – in luxury. Long gone are the days of using sled dogs, and then later eating them to survive. No, the modern explorer can travel all the way to the North Pole in the comfort the world’s largest nuclear-powered ice breaker – the Russian built  50 Let Pobedy (50 Years of Victory).


What do you get for your money?

Cruise on the world’s largest nuclear-powered ice breaker, kitted out with cozy cabins, helicopter for shore excursions, sauna, and much, much more.

Three square meals a day prepared in the ship’s galley

Warm, clean, and comfortable ship with five different accommodation options, from shared cabins to luxury suites.

Celebrate reaching the North Pole with champagne and a polar BBQ

Swim at the North Pole

Polar hot air balloon flights available

Two days visiting Franz Joseph Land, an Arctic archipelago of 191 islands


Where does it start?

The actual trip itself starts in Helsinki, with three starting dates offered, all in June to make the most of the arctic summer and reduced amounts of ice. With only three departures a year, you’ll need to book soon to secure yourself a berth on the voyage to the top of the world.

As you have probably guessed by now, this kind of trip doesn’t come cheaply. Prices start at £15,765 for a shared cabin, and reach £24,855 for the luxury Arktika Suite.

If you are looking for the ultimate adventure to the most remote location on earth – look no further! Like all good things this adventure comes at a cost, but how many of your friends will ever be able to say that they have been at the North Pole?

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