Hot Tub Boat Hire

hot tub boat hire

Hottug Hire
Cruise along the Themes in ultimate luxury - your own private hot tub boat exerience!
Hot Tub Boat Hire

Hot Tub Boat Hire

Is it a boat? Is is a hot-tub? Is it a rubber duck? The answer is… all of the above!

Carries up to six people
Marvelous combination of hot-tub and boat
Choose from self-drive or moored functions

When on holiday, it can be difficult deciding how to spend the days. If the weather is cold but there are sights to be seen, what should one do? Brave the elements and fight the crowds to get close enough for that selfie with the famous tourist landmark in the area? Or give in to the longings of the pampered soul and stay in the hotel spa for a day of unspoilt bliss?

Wait. Who says it has to be a choice? In this day and age you really can have it all.

hot tug boat hire top

Do you want a hot-tub? Hipster river cruise? Sightseeing? A unique self-drive vehicle? A relaxed cocktail party with your BFFs? Pictures to make the home crew jealous? No problem: the HotTug Boat Hot Tub has got you covered.


We applaud the genius who invented this cheerful boat, which, as the name suggests, is literally a floating hot-tub just waiting to take you on the coolest and most multi-purpose river cruise of your life. Fully licenced to carry up to six people and featuring a self-drive function, this tug is all set to carry you and your friends in ultimate comfort exactly where you want to go.

And just to make sure the experience is perfect from start to finish, the HotTug’s hire includes changing facilities, towels, bathrobes, and waterproof bags. So really, all you need to do is relax and bask in the glory of having it all.



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