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Slow Feed Cat Food Maze

catit slow feed cat food maze

Catit Senses Food Maze

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Slow Feed Cat Food Maze

Does your cat wolf down its food too fast? Is your fuzzy companion perhaps a little bit too much on the chubby side? Has your feline friend honed the skill of begging for extra treats in a way that you simply can’t resist, although you know you really should? Time for the Cat Food Maze!

Settles your cat’s eating habits to a slower, healthier routine
Stimulating mealtime fun for bored cats
Perfect for dealing with overeating and feline obesity

Cats love food, and we love our cats, and when these adorable creatures demand sustenance it can be really difficult to stick to the strict food regime and give them only what they need. When the persistent meows and pleading eyes come into play, even the most disciplined of us find ourselves popping just one more little treat in that empty dish.

There are several problems that arise when feeding cats: sometimes cats eat their meals too fast, resulting in the food being thrown up in a nice mess on the dining room carpet a few minutes later; some cats get bored with their food and leave half of it in the dish, expecting a new lot of the stuff later; other greedy felines demand food 24 hours a day with such incessant cries that their humans give in and dish out extra, unnecessary helpings, leading to obesity and health problems.

Whatever the problem with feeding your cat, this food maze will probably be your answer. Scattering cat food pellets or treats around several levels of mazes, it forces our fuzzy friends to put a bit more effort into their mealtimes. Pop dry food into the maze through a hole at the top of the tower, where it will trickle down to lower levels. Cats use their paws to reach in and push pellets around until they fall somewhere where their fuzzy faces can reach to eat them.

Drastically slowing down the mealtime while providing challenging and stimulating fun, the maze helps pace out your cat’s eating behaviours into a healthier pattern. Most cats will use the maze to get only what food they actually need for the moment, and return to the rest later – which is exactly the kind of healthy “grazing” that is promoted for feline mealtimes.

A similar invention exists for dogs. See our Slow Feed Bowls for Dogs.


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