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Slow Feed Bowls for Dogs


slow feed bowls for dogs

Buster Dog Maze Mini Bowl, Small, Grey

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Slow Feed Bowls for Dogs

Dogs have it way too easy these days. So easy in fact, that they often eat their food so fast that it’s actually unhealthy for them!

   Slows down eating to a healthy pace
   Buys you some precious ‘me time’ while your dog is busy

But now those fat, lazy little fur-balls just lie around on your couch all day while you work, then get fed from fancy bowls as soon as they give you those sad puppy dog eyes. Well, here’s a way to make your dog work for his supper – and help his digestion problem!

The slow feed bowl is designed to fulfil two purposes: to make your dog work for his supper, buying you some precious me-time while your mutt eats, and to slow down their eating, to prevent them from being sick immediately afterwards. Simply pour the doggy biscuits into this carefully designed maze, and then make your dog push them around in the bowl until they pop out the exit holes into his waiting mouth! Hours of fun and excitement will be had, and this is a great way to stretch out the meal for an overweight dog, or just a dog you don’t like very much.

Watch him whine in frustrated hunger, while you smugly tell your friends how you are ‘exercising his mental abilities to prevent Dog Alzheimers.’

Of course, if your dog is smarter than you think he is, he won’t play this game at all. He’ll just tip the bowl over. Or ignore the food bowl and wait til you’re gone before breaking into the fridge and eating your dinner. Stupid humans.

If it’s your cat that is eating too fast, check out the Slow Feed Cat Food Maze.


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56
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