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Scratchable Cat DJ Deck


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Suck UK Cat Scratching DJ Deck

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Scratchable Cat DJ Deck

Cats are clearly nature’s DJ naturals. After all, they are born with an innate desire to scratch. Do everyone a favour and direct their scratching to a nobler kind than that of shredding the curtains!

Mixing deck features a rotating cat scratching mat
Enjoy the sight of your cat DJing up to their furry heart’s content
Made of spinnable, scratchable cardboard

It’s a fact of life and nature that cats have to scratch. They have to keep those long, sharp claws in tip-top shape somehow, and clawing some nice scratchable surface is just the ticket for a well-groomed cat. Unfortunately, this clawing action is usually not the ticket for a well-groomed house, especially if your cat discovers how nice and shreddable the couch and curtains are. Time to direct your furry friend to more acceptable scratching habits!

Scratching a DJ deck is just the perfect activity for your furry friend. No prior turntable or musical skills are needed for this fabulous cardboard gadget! A paw or two, an inquisitive nature, and a desire to get those claws stuck into something are all that’s needed for this piece of kit. Featuring a spinnable deck and a poseable tone arm, the top spins when pawed by a furry animal and gives the most satisfactory sight of a fuzzy face doing human things.

The decks come flat-packed and assemble easily into the perfect turntable for your cat. Move the tone arm into place, and the cool invention is all set for a pair of paws to come give it a poke, spin and scratch!


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Last update was on: 26 February 2020 00:10

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