No-Bend Pet Feeding Bowl

no bend pet feed bowl

Techwills Double Pet Feeding Bowls with Handle, For Feeding Cats, Dogs or Other Pets. (Red)

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No-Bend Pet Feeding Bowl

Whether you have difficulty bending down due to knee or back problems or are just plain lazy, everybody wins with a bend-free pet bowl.

Pick up that pesky bowl without bending at all
Handy extendable handle adjustable to whatever length is most suitable
Suitable for cats and small dogs

A house just isn?t right without a fuzzy face wandering around, meowing and barking for attention. Most of the time that meowing and barking has a very pointed purpose. In fact, we’re pretty sure that anyone who speaks the marvelous language of Cat, for example, can attest that just about every syllable uttered in that beautiful tongue roughly  translates as Feed me!

no bend pet bowl handleThis is all very well and good for humans who are able and willing to jump up and answer that demand ASAP, but what about those of us who find certain physical manoeuvres challenging? Unless your pet is lucky enough to feed from a plate at the table or counter top, most animal companions are likely to have their food bowls sitting on the floor.

Pet owners with joint or back problems, or who otherwise find bending down challenging, can really find it difficult to lift that bowl off the floor, despite the earnest and desperate cries of Mr Fuzzy Face milling around the feet and legs.

So why bend in the first place? This simple but genius bowl has a long, adjustable handle that makes that painful and awkward bending and contorting completely unnecessary. Just lift the whole bowl up to arm level and fill it up from there. And the great thing about lifting the bowl to somewhere more accessible is that you can have far more control over the food distribution.

no bend pet bowl handle attachmentNo more smelly chunks of unidentifiable meat splatting to the floor, or water sloshing over your toes and pets as you try to pour it from an awkward height into a receptacle so infuriatingly far away on the ground. Even when popped back on the floor, the bowl will stay securely in place thanks to its nifty little anti-slip feet.

The bowl, which is available in three classy colours, features two food/water compartments and is even dishwasher safe. And if you’re not delighted at the prospect of leaving a handle sticking out of your pet’s feeding bowl, rest assured that this handle has a twist and lock design that allows it to be easily removed – great for cleaning and storage.

For more creative pet feeding solutions, check out Slow Feed Bowls for Dogs and Slow Feed Cat Food Maze.


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