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Yunt Pet Costume Lion Mane Wig for Dog Cat Halloween Dress up with Ears,Turns Your Pet Into a Ferocious Lion

Last update was on: 6 June 2020 17:12
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Mane for Cats

Think your pet already has a big ego? Wait until it tries on this mane! Transform your cat or small dog into the magnificent and royal King of Beasts in one simple and hairy step.

You know you’ve always wanted a pet lion
Suitable for cats and small dogs
Comfortable and easy to wear

Let’s face reality here: your cat isn’t really a pet. That furry face is actually the undisputed boss of the house. Not convinced? Let’s just stop for a sec and consider whose timetable and stomach the household runs around? Oh yeah, that fuzzball’s over there.

We all know that cats are independent and sagacious beasts, and deep down inside, every cat dreams of being a glorious and majestic lion. Oh! That incredibly strong, independent, and idolised ruler of the animal kingdom. There can be no higher aspiration for a member of the feline family than to become one of these glorious beasts.

It’s time to let your animal companion live out that long-held dream! In one easy, fairy godmother-like step you can transform your animal companion from small household mammal into the magnificent and majestic King of Beasts.

Even the most timid and humble of felines can have this transformative experience, simply by commanding a human minion to place this regal and hairy mane around its neck. Sitting comfortably around the neck and fastening securely with a handy velcro strap under the chin, it provides an impeccably realistic lion image to all beholders. Roar!

And before it gets too one-sided here, let’s not forget that it’s not all about the cat. Humans can feel extra special too throughout the whole process: after all, how many can claim to own a lion as a pet? What a smashing boasting right! In one smooth move you can stroke your pet’s ego as well as your own. What a winner of a hairy costume.

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Last update was on: 6 June 2020 17:12

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