Fish Training Kit

Fish Training Kit

The Fish Training Kit supplies you with everything you need to train your fish to perform a variety of incredible skills.

Tired of looking at your fish tank and seeing nothing but a boring fish? Sick of people bragging about their dog’s ability to fetch or that one guy who has the trained monkey? Do you sometimes want to tell your goldfish to get a job and stop mooching away in the corner?

Well now that can all change with this Fish Training Kit. Incredibly the goldfish, that renowned memory expert of the animal kingdom, can actually be taught tricks that will have you soon sending your dog packing.

Fish training kit. Instructions included

The complete fish training kit.

The Fish Training Kit comes with everything you need to have your fish trained and performing amazing tricks before you know it. Included in the kit is:

An Instructional DVD
R2 Fish School training platform
Over 20 compatible training accessories
All new feeding wand
Instructional manual with 100+ photos
Compact base for bowls or small tanks

With this equipment and of course, a fish, you’ll be setting up a living room circus in no time at all. Friends and family will gather round and the television will become obsolete. Your fish will be dunking basketballs, limboing and kicking field goals, amongst many, many more tricks that will have the gathered crowd turn on their treasured family pets and have cat and dog homes across the country overwhelmed with the amount of new arrivals.

The time of the fish is now, they can be trained, it’s up to you to turn the common goldfish into the star of the show it was always meant to be.


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