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Dog Water Bottle

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PETKIT Eversweet Travel One-Touch Pet Bottle, Green

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Dog Water Bottle

When out and about, it’s important for both humans and animals to stay well hydrated! What do you do when you’re outdoors and your dog needs a drink? Here is a portable bottle system small and secure enough to throw in your bag, so you can quench your furry friend’s thirst wherever you are.

Includes carbon water filter
Features a built-in water trough for easy drinking
Lockable to prevent leaking when on-the-go

It’s great fun to be able to take your pets with you when you head out! If you’re out of the house for more than a few hours though, and if the weather is hot, there’s always the problem of getting your them enough water to drink. It’s easy enough for humans to carry or buy water bottles, but without a bowl or some other receptacle to drink from, a bottle is pretty useless for animals.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to head out to pristine rivers and crystal clear springs, your dog may be able to drink directly from nature’s own water sources. Unfortunately, pristine and clean water sources are difficult to find, and the last thing we want for our pets is for them to be forced to drink polluted and dirty water because there is simply nothing else for them to quench their thirst with. Whether offering them water from a tap or from a gurgling stream, it’s important to make sure that liquid is fit to drink!

This bottle kit provides a smart solution for keeping your beloved bundle of fun hydrated. It has a built in water purification system which filters any water coming in, giving you a continuous supply of clean water even when refilling on the go. There is even a backflow filter, which makes sure that water that has just come out of the bottle and is flowing back in also gets refiltered, so there is no need to worry about contamination!

Made from strong antibacterial material, the best thing about this water bottle is the inbuilt trough that lets you dispense water into a dish that your pet can actually drink from. Since the trough is part of the bottle, there is no need to carry separate bowls or dishes with you. This leaves you with just one simple and sleek bottle to chuck in your bag as you’re heading out the door!

With a simple touch of a button, you can control whether or not the water can flow. Flip to the left to allow water to come out into the trough, or flip to the right to fully seal the bottle for a drip-free accessory that can be put in a bag with all your other things.


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