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Dog Umbrella


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Pet Dog Umbrella Transparent Waterproof Keeps your Pet Dry Comfortable in Rain

Last update was on: 21 February 2020 06:30
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Dog Umbrella

Doesn’t matter whether it’s a sunny day or there’s a full-blown hurricane raging outside: your dog still needs a walk. Kit your best friend out with some tailored doggy rain gear and keep that furry face nice and dry!

All-in-one dog umbrella and lead
Transparent for visibility
Suitable for dogs up to 60cm tall

Just like humans, there are dogs out there who just hate the rain, or for health reasons shouldn’t get too cold or wet. When it’s bucketing down outside, it’s fine for the human, who can put on some rain gear and grab an umbrella. What about the canines, though? Where’s their rain gear and umbrella? Don’t our best friends also deserve a little portable shelter from the elements?

Of course they do! Here’s just the thing for keeping your doggo dry in those pesky rain showers. This pet umbrella has taken the regular human umbrella design and tweaked it to suit the needs of our four-legged companions. It looks like an umbrella that has been blown inside out, letting the canopy bloom around your dog rather than the human holding it. The deeply domed canopy is attached to a standard umbrella handle, and there is a little lead on the inside of the canopy to clip to your dog’s collar, making this piece of kit an umbrella and lead all in one item. The rain cover is fashioned from see-through PE film so you and your pet can still see each other even with an umbrella between you.

Next time the doggo comes pleading with those puppy eyes to go outside for a W-A-L-K but it’s raining cats and dogs outside, just set up this little rain shelter and go and enjoy the great outdoors together. And if you pair the umbrella with these wellie boots for dogs, you’ll have the ultimate wet weather walking kit for your favourite animal pal!


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Last update was on: 21 February 2020 06:30

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