Dog Selfie Stick

pooch dog selfie stick

Geluode Pets Selfie Stick Clip Ball,6.5cm Tennis Phone Attachment for Dog Pet Agility Training Photo Ball Puppy Photographing Interaction Toy

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Dog Selfie Stick

Get that perfect pet selfie from even the most distracted pooch by drawing their gaze with a tantalizing squeaky ball perched right above your phone camera. #Saycheese, pooch!

Features a mesmerizing squeaky tennis ball
Finally a way to get that wriggling pet’s attention
Suitable for use with your dog’s own favourite ball

We are living in the undisputed Age of the Selfie. And with selfie sticks and selfie cameras, not even the sky’s the limit for selfie creativity. You can have Happy selfies, pouting selfies, flying selfies, are-you-jealous-yet selfies… the list goes on, and there’s a selfie for everyone, everywhere.

firebox pooch dog selfie stick 2But hold on, what about your dog? Your fuzzy-faced best friend who sticks with you through thick and thin? Where does your canine companion fit in the selfie-frenzied world of today? Does the hairiest member of the family not also deserve to be an established member of selfie society?

Get your dog in on the selfie action with a device cleverly crafted specifically for that perfect pooch selfie. Featuring an enticing and bright tennis ball, the Pooch Dog Selfie attaches to your phone to draw the undivided stare of your canine pal straight into the lens of your camera. If your pooch is still a little too excited to sit still for the picture, squeeze the ball and the resulting squeak will definitely turn that fuzz-face in the right direction for that fabulous selfie.

And if your pet has a particular favourite ball already, pop it into the Pooch Selfie instead of the tennis ball included and watch that smile spread over those hairy features.

The Pooch Dog Selfie Stick requires no apps or wifi to use, and will fit most smartphones and tablets, including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s.


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Last update was on: 25 June 2022 14:48

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