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The Original - Did You Feed the Dog?

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Dog Mealtime Tracker

Save your household peace and your dog’s waistline with a simple and effective solution – a little device that makes it clear to all that yes, the dog has been fed.

No more accidental second breakfasts
Easy attachment with included magnets or sticky tape
Save your dog’s waistline (and health)

If you live in a household with a dog and more than one human, it can be easy to lose track of who fed the dog and when. Especially if people are up and about at different times, or on the weekend when the routine is different. This often leads to two unfortunate results: either the dog ends up with a rather alarming number of unintentional second breakfasts and a ballooning waistline, or the household peace is shattered with bellows of “HAS ANYONE FED THE DOG?”

Even pet owners living by themselves sometimes need a reminder of what meals have been given. After all, some days are just so crazy that it can be hard enough to remember to put shoes on when running out the door, nevermind trying to figure out whether or not that beloved hairy animal has already eaten or not. And there’s certainly no use asking the dog questions about food, is there? One look at those great big puppy eyes and that eager wagging tail and it’s clear that here we obviously have one desperately hungry canine… even if breakfast was in fact served just half an hour ago.

Restore household peace and calm and make everything crystal clear with this little device that answers the mealtime questions once and for all. Whoever feeds the dog just moves the slider for that meal, and everyone else can tell by the green colour that there is no need to start digging out dog food. When the week is over, simply reset all the sliders and you’re all set for another week!


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