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Dog Health & Fitness Tracker


Dog Health Fitness Tracker

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor, Blue

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Last update was on: 25 March 2020 02:03

Dog Health & Fitness Tracker

Health and fitness has come a long way since the olden days when the world was black and white, and people would just stick on some running gear and go for a run (crazy, I know).

Nowadays we have all sorts of apps, fitness trackers, heart-rate monitors, and plenty more electronic ways to track your progress. Well, for humans anyway – but why not for dogs?

With the Fitbark Dog Health & Fitness Tracker, you can now track your dog’s fitness and development, and can set goals for your dog to achieve over time. You can even link your dog’s fitness tracker to your own and compare progress!

There are many alternative benefits to the FitBark other than just your dog’s fitness. The monitor is capable of monitoring all aspects of your dog’s health, including its mental health. We all wish that dogs could talk, but the sad reality is that they can’t, and therefore can’t really tell us when something is wrong. This Health & Fitness Tracker will give you an insight into the dog’s mental health with the data that it provides!

With a very slick, bone-shaped design, the monitor will fit snugly inside your pooch’s collar, and weighing only 8 grams your dog won’t even notice it is there. Sync your dog’s monitor to your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to analyse all your doggie data.


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Last update was on: 25 March 2020 02:03
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