Wine Glass Dishwasher Stem Savers


Stemware Saver Wine Glass Stem Saver for Dishwashers

Quirky PTHR1–XPEU 4 Tether-Holders of glasses

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Wine Glass Dishwasher Stem Savers

You’ve had some wine. You’re feeling somewhat tipsy. You’re finally ready to put the glasses away and move onto other recreational activities. Just make sure you keep things safe by using protection – like these Quirky Tether Stemware Savers – otherwise known as Wine Glass Dishwasher Stem Savers. These flexible plastic rods keep your fragile stemware safe in the dishwasher. You’ll love the way the tight-fitting base slides down over the post for a perfect fit. And if you weren’t in the mood already, you should be after using your Tethers!

First, place your glass (upside-down, of course) in either the top or the bottom rack of your dishwasher. Then, adjust the Tether rod according to which rack you’re using and the length of the post. Next, slide the hollow base of the Wine Glass Stem Saver over a post on your machine’s rack. Finally, clip the Tether onto the stem of your glass.

If you’re thinking that this is starting to sound complicated… fear not. This isn’t rocket science, folks. Honest. The rubber bit holds the glass in a way that it doesn’t get broken. That’s it!

So don’t let those dirty glasses and dishes wait up all night until you can actually be bothered washing them by hand in the morning. Just go ahead and take care of this business, so you can take care of important business.

Includes (4) purple flexible plastic rods.

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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56
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