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WiFi Coffee Maker


wifi smarter coffee machine

Smarter Coffee (2nd Generation) - UK

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WiFi Coffee Maker

The Internet of Things brings us yet another clever device carefully designed to leave us entirely dependent on intelligent machines.

First we had the WiFi Kettle, which could boil water at the touch of a button, regardless of where you were or whether you actually needed hot water then or not. Now, heating a kettle of water is fine, but what if you need something more? You like coffee, and you like real coffee, not that awful instant stuff. Well the good news is that if you love coffee and you’re lazy, this machine can brew you your precious beverage automatically!
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What Does It Do?

  • The WiFi Coffee Maker by Smarter makes a fresh cup of great coffee at the push of a virtual button. But the fun doesn’t stop there, because you can also automoate this coffee maker to fully appeal to your lazy side.
  • Do you need coffee in the morning? Set times for each day that will automatically brew your coffee for you. Sleep longer by saving valuable time in the morning!
  • Brew coffee as soon as you get home. Yes, you can set this machine to get to work as soon as you get home from yours.
  • Worried about using it without enough water in the tank? You can also check water the water level from your phone. If there’s not enough, it won’t let you brew.

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Last update was on: 14 October 2019 09:37
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