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Vegetable Spiralizer


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FabQuality No1 Best Seller Premium Vegetable Spiralizer Veggetti Spiral Slicer COMPLETE BUNDLE x4 - Spiraliser Booklet, Vegetable Cutter, Spiral Booklet,...

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Vegetable Spiralizer

So you like the idea of something that looks like spaghetti but you don’t want (or particularly like) pasta.

Here’s the answer.  The vegetable spiralizer uses dual stainless-steel cutting blades to turn a wide variety of vegetables in to veggie-noodles in seconds.  So you can take your favourite vegetables – zucchini, squash, carrots, cucumbers & potatoes and many more.  It’s healthy, it’s vegetarian, and it’s vegan too!

But the most important things is that you get a veggie spaghetti-like product that is very low-carb.  You can diet without feeling hungry, which helps you lose weight and a low-carb diet has been shown to reduce risks associated with “bad” cholesterol (LDL), and tends to help reduce blood pressure too.

The slicer works a bit like a pencil sharpener and has four different grades depending on what you’re cutting and which blade you use.  Works with many, many different vegetables – even courgettes! Once you have finished it is easy to clean, (it is completely safe to use in a dishwasher if you wish), and store away as it takes up very little space in the cupboard.

Included in your purchase of this vegetable spiralizer UK edition is an e-recipe book, packed with great ideas and suggestions for making the most out of this handy tool.

So, an all-in-one way to eat healthily, watch the pounds, lower the carbs and still enjoy food with a fun twist … literally.

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Last update was on: 16 March 2019 09:11
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