Unspillable Pint Glasses

no spill pint glasses

Mighty Mug Pint Glass - Set of 2 - Smartgrip Tritan Plastic Highball Beer Tumbler

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Unspillable Pint Glasses

Are you a clumsy buffoon after a few beers? Are you constantly knocking over drinks in the pub with your poor hand-eye coordination and your sluggardly demeanor?

Save money and tears on wasted pints by investing in Unspillable Pint Glasses. Expertly designed by a team of beer-enthusiastic scientists, the glasses* have ‘smartgrip technology’ which grips to any surface, providing that it is flat and smooth. It won’t for example, grip to your mate’s bald head, and it certainly won’t grip onto your cat (so don’t try this at home).

This cutting-edge technology means that even if you knock into your pint after you’ve had a few, the smartgrip will kick in and the pint won’t fall over. The technology works with knocks and bumps from all angles, so you never have to worry about a spilled pint again!

*It is important to note that even though they are called pint ‘glasses’, they are actually made from reinforced plastic which of course carefully replicates the feel of holding a pint glass. They are also dishwasher safe so even that laziest of us can reuse these as many times as we like!

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